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My inspiration for Grapahic Design arised at early age when I wanted to create a birthday card. After some browsing on the internet I came across the program Corel Draw with which I started out until I had found out about Adobe Photoshop. I currently still work with both programs. My enthusiasm for design grew and my eagerness to learn made me educate myself through researches, tutorials and online trainings. In this time I started showing more interest in Branding and Identity and overall marketing.
This lead me to a Diploma in Social Psychology in 2008. CD Covers, Logo’s, flyers and business cards were amongst the first commercial jobs I had.In 2009 I moved to Florida, USA to support Family Management Centre Inc. in their business where I worked as Marketing Manager and helped establish FMC. I learned a great deal about the essence of marketing and design and how it affects consumers. I implemented all knowledge gained into my design and my career started goin uphill.
After I left FMC in 2012, I went back in the entertainment industry and helped establish Caribso Inc. and was responsible for all graphic works, worked as a consultant and created new concepts for marketing. With 16+ years of experience in the field of Marketing and Design, I have learned to master the most important skills which are proper communication, integrity, teamwork, working with deadlines and giving quality priority to ensure customer satisfaction; and navigating traffic through proper implementation and execution of design works and marketing strategies.

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H2O Media
Lot 23 Grant 1806
Crabwood Creek, C'tyne/Berbice

Phone GY: +592 693.3763
Phone SU: +597 895-9271
Email: info@iamshazam.net


Rotterdam Carnival 2016 - The Netherlands

Video shoot and editing H2O Media / ArtnVisual

LPU Planet

Website banner for online promotion and presentation for LPU Planet!

DJ Allstar

Graphic video with light effects for DJ Allstar - Guyana

Extreme Mindz Entertainment

2D to 3D logo design for Extreme Mindz Entertainment in the Netherlands

Suriname Vacaturebank

Voice Over for a surinamese Jobsite


Client Testimonials

  • Keep thou mind empty, for the emptiness of the mind leads to the fullness of the soul!

  • Be not enslaved in a society which is controlled by superior slaves whilst every man was born free! Deep within every individual resides
    unlimited power to which you have unlimited access. Be humble, be free, be souvereign! Love, Peace & Unity!



Contact us for all your graphic and video works. Due to our international network, we are able to take on assignments in the Netherlands, Suriname, USA and Guyana.


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