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LPU Planet is a platform designed to unite and collaborate on projects in the field of entertainment, business and education! We utilize the available talents within our global network to complete projects in various countries. Currently established in the Netherlands, Suriname, Guyana, USA and actively involved in projects around the globe.

If you would like to collaborate with one of our partners or in need of a service provided via LPU Planet, kindly send us an email and we will get back with you shortly!

TRAINING / Workshop

Money help to build businesses, relationships help to build empires ~IamShazam


Aviation - Bank - Hospital - Office - Information - Event etc. LPU Security Services also provide 1 day workshops for security officers based on Integrity, Anger Management, Communication and Access Control!


With our in-house management training options we can come to you or at a location of your choice and deliver a course that is based around your exact requirements. One of our trainers will get to understand what you need and will then work with you to ensure that the content is spot on.


Explore the Microsoft Office applications suite. Learn to write documents, take notes, create spreadsheets, and more. Our Office training covers a wide range of software titles including Excel, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.


Our healthy living workshop is meant to spread awareness and educate youths and adults of the effects food, fitness and overall lifestyle has on their health. Working together with industry professionals such as doctors, herbalists and fitness instructors we are confident that our workshops will make a difference in your day to day life.

Our Services

LPU Planet focusses it's energy in the field on Business, Entertainment and Education. We passionately believe that all man is destined to reach great heights and are confident that our formula to success is unique and will work in all levels of society. Scientists have done many researches on the basic needs and desire of man, coming to the conclusion that we all strive for the same thing in life. To Love and be loved, to experience Peace of mind and to Unite (socialize) with others. Achieving this, every man is bound to experience a feeling of individual success. Our goal is therefore to connect with others and together, contribute to a better world by implementing LPU formula in business, entertainment and education!

Training & Consultancy

Security training - Management / Personnel training - Microsoft Office basics/intermediate level - Graphic Design

Business, Marketing & Project Management

Developing and executing marketing plans, sales tactics, business and project management

Artist Development & Promotions

A&R, Artist development, marketing campaign, radio and social media promotion

Graphic Design / Video Editing

Business cards, flyers, billboards, banners, logo's, TV commercials, video editing, 3d graphics

Live Act - Artist Development & Bookings

Artist bookings, live bands, artist development

Audio Production & Engineering

Music productions, film music, business commercials background music. We also work with professional engineers for high quality mixing and mastering!

LPU Team

Our team stretches over the entire globe due to our huge network that we have built up over the years. The following members have put in exceptional efforts and continue to add great value to LPU Planet.

J.A.O. Eikemans

Business Consultant / Export Supplier (Netherlands/India)

Mr. Eikemans comes with many years of experience as a business owner in Europe and Asia! As a business consultant and a wholesale supplier of goods between india and the west, he adds great value to LPU Planet.

Felicia Tilborg

Project Management - Consultancy & Event Coordinator (USA / Suriname)

Mrs. Tilborg has been a great asset to us since we started out in 2011! A creative and dedicated go-getter who exceeds in performance as she continue helping to take LPU Planet to greater heights.


A2B Services Guyana

Software Development

A2B Services is specialized in software development and is responsible for all websites and apps services. We also collaborate with A2B Services on the project development and assessment level in Guyana.

Shazam Khan

Marketing Strategist & Security Consultant (Netherlands/Guyana)

A marketing and security strategist with years of experience in design and entertainment, mr. Khan was abled to broaden his perspective in business with a reputation that is yet expanding.


We look forward in collaborating with you in making your dreams successful! Send us a mail!

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