LPU Planet | Foundation for the nation

LPU Planet is a platform designed to unite and collaborate on projects in the field of entertainment, business and education! We utilize the available talents within our global network to complete projects in various countries. Currently established in the Netherlands, Suriname, Guyana, USA and actively involved in projects around the globe.

LPU Planet focusses it's energy in the field on Business, Entertainment and Education. We passionately believe that all man is destined to reach great heights and are confident that our formula to success is unique and will work in all levels of society. Scientists have done many researches on the basic needs and desire of man, coming to the conclusion that we all strive for the same thing in life. To Love and be loved, to experience Peace of mind and to Unite (socialize) with others. Achieving this, every man is bound to experience a feeling of individual success. Our goal is therefore to connect with others and together, contribute to a better world by implementing LPU formula in business, entertainment and education!

H2O Media | Connecting you with the world
If you would like to collaborate with one of our partners or in need of a service provided via LPU Planet, kindly send us an email and we will get back with you shortly!


OkeTVonline .. Dare to... #Dream Big is a project established by the JC's Twins and is a platform to present the GenZ from Suriname and its diaspora



Let us know how you like our website and let us know if you would like to participate and share your project on okeTVonline.

H2O Media

Money help to build businesses, relationships help to build empires ~IamShazam




H2O Media has 16+ years of experience in the world of Graphic Design. We adapt to the need of our customers and are active in the corporate world, entertainment and television. Let us help you take your presentation to the next level.


We are a growing company in the world of video entertainment. As the demand for videos keep growing, H2O Media can help you to maximize your reach through a professional presentation.
TV ADS with 2-3D Animation integrated | Business Presentation & Processes | Interviews | Photoshoots


With copyright being a worldwide issue, the best way to go as a business is to have your own custom made music. Wether it is for advertising, background music for a presentation or simply for a video of your company processes, H2O Media delivers you professional master recordings with exclusive rights to ensure safety and quality in your business presentation.


Project 22 is an awareness program built to inspire Pschological, Physical and Spiritual growth through a series of videos and workshops with the focus on Art, Entertainment and Lifestyle.
Our goal promote Awareness and Discipline by sharing Knowledge and Experience with the world.

LPU Team

Our team stretches over the entire globe due to our huge network that we have built up over the years. The following members have put in exceptional efforts and continue to add great value to LPU Planet.


Engineering Consultant & Project Developer (Netherlands)

Lead by Gibran Khan, G-Axis is an innovative Engineering company specialized in CAD & 3D drawing, programming and execution of high level projects in Aviation, industrial and mechanical engineering.

Felicia Tilborg

Project Management - Consultancy & Event Coordinator (USA / Suriname)

Mrs. Tilborg has been a great asset to us since we started out in 2011! A creative and dedicated go-getter who exceeds in performance as she continue helping to take LPU Planet to greater heights.


Marendra Mohabir

General Manager (Guyana)

Marendra is currently responsible for all operations in Guyana. Executing from our office in Guyana, while managing all printing and communications with our clients.

Shazam Khan

Marketing Strategist & Security Consultant (Netherlands/Guyana)

A marketing and security strategist with years of experience in design and entertainment, mr. Khan was abled to broaden his perspective in business with a reputation that is yet expanding.


We look forward in collaborating with you in making your dreams successful! Send us a mail!

LPU Planet
Head Office
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Office Suriname
Felicia Tilborg
E: okeTVOnline@gmail.com
P: (+597) 888.2835

Office Guyana
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Crabwood Creek, B/ce
P: (+592) 654.3763